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Jacque Weiss

"Recess" Can You Come Out and Play?

  • Brainstorm New Ideas
  • Jumpstart Innovation
  • Innovate New Solutions
  • Get Instant Clarity with Fresh Insights
  • Accelerate Your Growth / Change Process
  • Create New Opportunities

Express Your Inner Creativity for Real-World Innovation


All of these (and more!) are benefits that you can experience through creative recess and expressive play. Whether for you or for your entire group or team, we can work together by the session or the day. It’s all about helping you to reduce stress, get the answers you need quickly and get things moving forward in all directions!

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  It’s so easy for us to find ourselves living robotically and getting stuck in a rut.  We do the same things over and over again and feel we are missing something, but not sure what.  “How could things be different?” we ask ourselves, knowing somewhere deep inside our heart and soul lays the answer, and then asking the question to ourselves “How do I discover the treasures that are so secretly hidden?”  Well the answer my friend…may be blowing in the wind, and it also eagerly you awaiting you in a magical environment, with like mined and spirited people through a fun and unique group process called “Recess for Your Heart and Soul”



Get out of your head and into your heart and soul with intuitive painting and play.  Celebrate the creative possibilities within, through a playful and supportive environment to gain clarity of your soul’s wisdom.  No painting or art experience necessary. No rules, just tools.  All art supplies include.  Be sure to wear comfy clothes that can lovingly receive splatters of your signature play. Plan to relax, have fun and enjoy! This special event is held in the St. Louis Bi-State Region and is limited to 6 per event.
Can you come out and play?

“Recess for Your Heart and Soul”  (3 hours)

Private booking for girls night out – limit of 6 

$35 per person

$210 private session up to 6 people







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She has a kind loving heart that will touch your soul and make a difference not only in your thinking but in your life as well.


~ Dr. Tom Hill
Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul

Jacque Weiss
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